25th Static Analysis Symposium
August 29th - August 31st, 2018, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Accepted Papers

  1. Andrew Ruef, Kesha Hietala and Arlen Cox. Volume-Based Merge Heuristics for Disjunctive Numeric Domains

  1. Alexey Bakhirkin and David Monniaux. Extending Constraint-Only Representation of Polyhedra with Boolean Constraints

  1. Anna Becchi and Enea Zaffanella. An Efficient Abstract Domain for Not Necessarily Closed Polyhedra

  1. Maxime Jacquemin, Sylvie Putot and Franck Védrine. A Reduced Product of Absolute and Relative Error Bounds for Floating-point Analysis

  1. Matthieu Journault, Antoine Miné and Abdelraouf Ouadjaout. Modular Static Analysis of String Manipulations in C Programs

  1. Kedar Namjoshi and Zvonimir Pavlinovic. The Impact of Program Transformations on Static Program Analysis

  1. Francesco Ranzato and Marco Zanella. Invertible Linear Transforms of Numerical Abstract Domains

  1. Jan Hueckelheim, Ziqing Luo, Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan, Stephen F. Siegel and Paul Hovland. Verifying Properties of Differentiable Programs

  1. Frédéric Besson, Thomas Jensen and Julien Lepiller. Modular Software Fault Isolation as Abstract Interpretation

  1. Kalev Alpernas, Roman Manevich, Aurojit Panda, Mooly Sagiv, Scott Shenker, Sharon Shoham and Yaron Velner. Abstract Interpretation of Stateful Networks

  1. Rajeev Alur, Joseph Devietti and Nimit Singhania. Block-Size Independence for GPU Programs

  1. Aziem Chawdhary and Andy King. Closing the Performance Gap between Doubles and Rationals for Octagons

  1. Isabella Mastroeni and Michele Pasqua. Verifying Bounded Subset-Closed Hyperproperties

  1. Jan Midtgaard, Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson. Process-Local Static Analysis of Synchronous Processes

  1. Bat-Chen Rothenberg, Daniel Dietsch and Matthias Heizmann. Incremental Verification Using Trace Abstraction

  1. Sumanth Prabhu, Kumar Madhukar and Venkatesh R. Efficiently Learning Safety Proofs from Appearance as well as Behaviours

  1. Florian Zuleger. Inductive Termination Proofs with Transition Invariants and their relationship to the Size-Change Abstraction

  1. Caterina Urban, Samuel Ueltschi and Peter Müller. Abstract Interpretation of CTL Properties